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We know that your business depends on our business being up and available 24/7/365. To meet this challenge we invest in our infrastructure ensuring all production environments are Highly Available and deployed across multiple physical sites.

To deliver our service we aggregate hundreds of sites and rely on a number of upstream service providers, so the scope of events that might affect the delivery of our service are not always within our control, and incidents do happen. When they do, we want to ensure you are notified and have reliable access to clear and timely updates about affected services.

Until now we’ve communicated incidents via our System Notices page on the Credit Sense dashboard and our status indicator on the Lead Market dashboard. Although this was the best incident notification offered in our space, we felt we could do better.

Available now:

Introducing our new status page,, hosted on Atlassian’s platform! You can access directly right now. In the coming weeks we’ll also be making it accessible via our System Notices link on the Credit Sense dashboard and the system status indicator on the Lead Market dashboard.

Using we can deliver a much richer set of features to ensure you are kept informed of any issues affecting the health of our service. Also, being hosted on Atlassian’s platform means that if an incident affects your ability to access our dashboards, you can still access our status updates.

We publish communications on scheduled maintenance and incidents for our applications, sites we aggregate and our upstream service providers on our status page. You can also see historical uptime details, resolution information for past incidents and subscribe to receive notifications via email, SMS or webhook the moment we publish a status update.

Coming soon: subscribe to status updates

When our new subscription feature becomes available in the coming weeks, you’ll be able to subscribe to status updates via email, SMS or webhook for Credit Sense or Lead Market by logging into the dashboard and going to the My Profile page. If you need any assistance you can also reach out to your Account Manager.

We’re excited to bring a new level of visibility and convenience to our status communications, and if you have any suggestions about how we can improve this even further please reach out to your Account Manager; we’d love to hear from you.

It feels a bit strange to announce this exciting new feature and then end this post with – “We’re certainly aiming to provide you with as few updates as possible via our status page.” – but when incidents happen, we’re confident that this feature will be a welcome one.

Check out our status page and subscribe to status updates that matter to your business.

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