Credit Sense Development Platform

By developers for developers

We are developers, and the experience of our colleagues when deploying Credit Sense in their business is important to us. Our implementation process, options and supporting documentation is a combination of what we’d like to see when implementing a third-party solution, and feedback from developers just like you.

Easy to Get Started

Credit Sense is technically straightforward to implement. We’ll showcase some of the features we’ve created to make implementing and maintaining Credit Sense a breeze.

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Integration Options

Depending on your business and operational processes, you might use one or several of our integration options. From our no-integration dashboard driven options to embedded integrations, we have a solution that will meet your needs.

See Platform Page

Observability, Debugging And Tracing

When implementing and maintaining third-party services, you need access to high-quality information so you can monitor the security and health of your integration, and manage issues quickly.


API LOGS – we log all API calls and you can inspect what payloads your system sent to us, how long it took and what we sent in response.


WEBHOOK RESPONSE LOGS – webhooks is a real-time integration mechanism where our platform notifies your HTTPS end-point about Credit Sense customer journey events. We log all events including the webhook payloads we send to you and the responses we get from your end-point.


BROWSER CONSOLE EVENTS – Back-channel communication is not the only way to debug your integration, a lot of customer time is spent in the browser. We make it easy to listen to specific events that provide you with the information you need to understand the customer journey, or to create custom experiences.


ABILITY TO RETRIGGER FAILED WEBHOOKS – things can go wrong during development or maintenance when your webhook end-point might not be available. This is not a problem, we provide a mechanism to re-trigger failed webhooks via a click of a button on the dashboard and to resync with the latest state of our platform. Never miss a webhook again.


Data Ingress

Our RESTful APIs are based on open standards, so you can use any web development language to access them and develop for a variety of platforms including web, desktop and mobile applications. If your implementation requires you to send us data, you can do so manually via our dashboard or using our APIs in JSON or XML formats.

Data Egress

Our data delivery options ensure you can get the data from our system to yours, quickly and securely. You can access customer data directly from our client dashboard UI, or as BASE64 encoded files in a JSON envelope via our REST APIs or webhook calls to your secure endpoints. We support JSON, XML and HTML formats. Check out our data delivery options for more information.


Customer engagement

Our customer engagement options and customer journey are best in class. With multi-bank and supporting document functionality, it’s the best experience you can provide your customer.

Find out more at our customer engagement and customer journey pages.

Real-time Notifications

Maintain visibility and stay in control of the customer journey with HTTPS notifications and in-browser events. System notices available at our status page ensure you get notified immediately of upcoming maintenance, incidents and anything else you need to know that might affect the service.


User management and access control

User access to our client dashboard is secured by a comprehensive self-service Access Control Level (ACL) layer. Securely manage your users’ access to customer data using the ACL tools baked into our platform including individual user profiles, MFA, configurable roles, capabilities and activity logging.

We also implement the industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol in our latest application APIs, enabling authenticated third party access.


Credit Sense is ISO 27001 certified by certification body Lloyds Register including all of our systems, assets, people and processes involved in supporting and maintaining our platform and its information security.

Our Information Security Management System provides a framework for continuous improvement of our security posture. We apply formal risk management practices, maintain robust incident management processes and conduct internal and external compliance audits of our security policies and procedures regularly.

We use industry-standard encryption protocols for data in transit and at rest, secrets are stored in specialised secrets vaults with row-level encryption and we employ threat management solutions for antivirus, intrusion detection, SIEM and vulnerability scanning. See our security FAQs for more information.


Getting Help

Even if you have a seasoned technical team implementing Credit Sense, it’s nice to know that our Technical Account Managers are there if you need them. We also provide a support ticketing system and comprehensive integration and API documentation.

Our interactive documentation contains the practical information you need to configure your integration. Our APIs are concise, lightweight and optimised, so it’s quick and easy to write and test your integration.

System health & support

Our live status page enables real-time API, email and text message notification of any issues that may affect us or the sites we support. This includes our maintenance or that of supported sites and incidents that affect us or our upstream suppliers.

Businesses evolve over time, and as your needs change our technical experts are here to assist you with any integration or custom analysis support you need. You can get support through our support ticketing service, online help docs or contact us by email, telephone or live chat.

Help To Get It Right

See our get started page for more info on getting started with us.

Get Started

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