Custom insights are here – check our most requested feature

Our custom insights tool enables us to build and deliver custom insights fast. If you find yourself manually calculating the numbers you need to complete a customer assessment, talk to us about automating them.

What are custom insights?

Custom insights are automated calculations that deliver an answer to a business question. Different businesses use different methods to assess customer applications, and they usually manually calculate some of the numbers they need to know for their risk and compliance assessment.

Custom insights can take the pain out of this process; if you can describe the calculation and the data exists in the report, we can probably automate it for you. This reduces the time it takes to complete an assessment and improves consistency across the business.

Custom insights are tailored to you

Custom insights are created based on your use case, and deliver the answers you need. It only takes a quick chat with one of our Technical Account Managers to get started identifying the key insights (events, trends, behaviours, etc.) you want to automate.

Custom insights are easy to set up

Custom analysis like this used to involve long technical processes and resources, and this was a real blocker to getting clients access to the insights they needed quickly. To solve this problem, we created a framework that enables us to define, create and deliver custom insights quickly and easily, without dev resources. It also supports the ongoing optimisation of your custom insights as your use cases change over time.

It’s that easy. Really.

Whether it’s tracking the number of Buy Now Pay Later repayments made in the last 90 days, the amount of early-access Superannuation the customer has drawn on, or even a complex mix of categories matched to your assessment criteria to give you one simple figure of the customer’s discretionary spend; we can get you the insights that meet your needs.

Custom insights are about you being able to leverage complex analysis – work that would otherwise be difficult, time consuming and error-prone to perform manually – so you can better serve your customers. So put down the calculator, because simple, tailored custom insights are now just a phone call away.

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